How can I cool the processor fast? Is there any benefit to keeping the computer case lid open?


Staff member
Although you have liquid cooling, if the processor temperature is around 85-95 degrees, this indicates that your case is not well ventilated.

The number of fans may not be sufficient, your liquid cooling may not be of good quality, your case may be close to the wall.

Many people say that opening the lid of the case will disrupt the airflow inside.

However, if your case does not provide adequate ventilation, opening the cover will provide better ventilation.

While using Unreal Engine, the temperature of my case did not drop below 90 degrees, which caused me to open the lid.

The result was very good. After opening the lid, the temperature never went above 70-75 degrees.

In short, if your case is well ventilated, leaving the cover open may be harmful, but if it is bad, open the cover for better results.