Is Liquid Cooling Necessary?


Staff member
My processor gave the same performance with liquid cooling and air cooling. But my problem was not performance.
Before I switched to liquid cooling, when I rendered with Unreal Engine on my computer, I saw that the temperature of my processor had increased to 93 degrees. At idle it was between 50-60 degrees.
I had to buy a liquid cooling in order not to damage my processor.

The CPU temperature, which rose to 93 degrees under load with air cooling, did not exceed 80 degrees even though I pushed hard with liquid cooling. At idle, my processor, which does not fall below 50 - 60 degrees, went down to 40-45 degrees. Yes, friends, if you are forcing the processor, you definitely need liquid cooling. But if your CPU temperature doesn't exceed 80 degrees under load, it's okay to wait for a while.