Privacy Policy

Version, June 19, 2019

The privacy of all our users is very important to us. When you use our Service as an Application User, we process your Personal Data (as an Application Publisher). This Privacy Statement explains how we protect and process your Personal Data. We recommend that you read it carefully.
1. What is stated in this Privacy Statement?

The sections in this Privacy Statement provide you with information about:

    Types of Personal Data Processed,

    The purposes of processing personal data,

    Where Personal Data is processed,

    Security measures applied to protect Personal Data,

    Limits of liability for third parties,

    View, modify and delete your Personal Data,

    Changes to this Privacy Statement include;

    What to do if you have any questions or explanations?

2. Types of Personal Data Processed

A. Personal Data used by our Service

We use Anonymous Data to improve our service. This information will not be made public through the Service.

B. Automatically generated information

Like most other websites and online services, we collect and process automatically generated information about how you use the Application. The information collected includes your ip address and / or your unique device ID.

In particular, if you choose to participate, the App can collect your geolocation information. In any case, you can prevent the receiving of your geolocation information from your mobile device's settings.

If you specifically choose to grant access to and collect information from your social network account, the parameters of your basic personal information (such as your name and email address) in your social network account, as well as your social network user ID (not your password) and the posts you share through the App. Please see the social network privacy policy for more information on how you can set your account's privacy preferences to check the information available and available.

This also occurs with automatically generated information about how you use the Application. This type of information helps us better understand how the App is used and produce services that suit your needs as a user.

If you enable user authorization features within the application, the following additional information is stored:



    Phone number (optional);

    Additional profile information sent by an external provider, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.

We also collect the following (unknown) information to inform the app owner about the use of the app:

• The moment you open the application,

• Screens that you open in the application and the time you spend on these screens,

• The moment you leave the application.

Note: if user authentication features are enabled, we may associate anonymous information with your information when you log in.

If instant notification ads are active in the application, information about BleshSDK running integrated with the application is provided below.

    Through BleshSDK, users' notification permission status, bluetooth status information, device information, ad identifier (IDFA), location, operator, installed application list information are accessed and necessary security measures are taken to ensure the confidentiality of this information.

    If the User wishes to save the campaign image transmitted to him to the photo album, the User's photo album and camera are accessed and the screen shot is saved to the photo album.

    The information is used only for the purpose of sending instant notifications through the Application, to the extent permitted by the User, in a secure manner and only for the period required. Information is only shared with third parties for the realization of such purposes and the publication and disclosure of information outside this scope is not permitted.

C. Specific Information

You may be asked to apply for some activities, such as loyalty cards, newsletters, advertising; in this case some personal information is requested. This information is stored in the database of our service (including third parties) and will be shared with us.

When you upload data, including photos in the app, it will be shared and visible to all other users of the app.
3. The purposes of processing personal data

A. Objectives

The Parties process Personal Data for the following purposes:

    To enable you to use the Service,

    To keep information about our service up-to-date,

    To improve and / or customize the service,

    To identify you and / or customize the Service,

    To recognize you and prevent fraud,

    To provide support,

    Your Personal Data may be transferred to third parties if you request this from us or where we are legally obliged to do so.