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    What is DSR?

    DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) briefly lets you go to higher resolutions that your monitor doesn't support. For this, it is enough to have an NVIDIA video card and a DSR supported monitor. However, the more you increase the resolution, the more blurred your vision becomes. It gives good results...
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    DSR Nedir?

    DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) kısaca monitörünüzün desteklemediği daha üst çözünürlüklere çıkmanızı sağlar. Bunun için NVDIA bir ekran kartınız ve DSR destekli bir monitörünüzün olması yeterlidir. Ancak çözünürlüğü ne kadar arttırırsanız görününüzde bulanıklık biraz daha artmaktadır. Uzak...
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    PHP 8.1 Deprecated str_replace hatası düzeltme

    /* NULL ve boşluk değerlerini kontrol ederek bu sorunu çözebilirsiniz */ function ch_replace($fncdata='') { if (!empty($fncdata) and $fncdata != NULL) { $fncdata = str_replace('-','_',$fncdata); } }
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    PHP 8.1 Deprecated str_replace problem

    /* You can solve this problem by checking for NULL and whitespace values. */ function ch_replace($fncdata='') { if (!empty($fncdata) and $fncdata != NULL) { $fncdata = str_replace('-','_',$fncdata); } }
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    Mag b550 tomahawk Resize bar Enabled

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    Is safe?

    This site, which sells 3D character and animation programs and plugins such as Chacacter creator, iClone, has very high quality products. Is this site safe? It is 100% safe. If you only want to return a product you bought, you have 14 days. However, this right of return is only valid for the...
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    Is safe? usually sells music bundles at very affordable prices. The only thing you need to pay attention to on this site is to pay attention to the licenses of the music you will buy. For example, if a package does not write RF next to it, you cannot use these music and/or sounds...
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    Is safe? sells bundle packages (music, games, books, programs, etc.) at very affordable prices. You can buy products that you can buy for thousands of dollars on this site at very cheap prices like 90%. So is it safe? It is 100% safe.
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    Is safe? sells bundle packages (music, games, books, programs, etc.) at very affordable prices. You can buy products that you can buy for thousands of dollars at very low prices like 90%. So is it safe? It is absolutely 100% safe. In fact, if you want to withdraw after purchasing a...
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    What is Agentinformer?

    If there is such a thing as agentinformer in startup programs, it is related to Movavi Programs. There is no problem.
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    Short-term quick solution to toothache

    If you have a toothache at night and your dental nerve endings are exposed, my best advice is garlic. You can put a small piece of garlic on the aching part of your tooth, it will immediately relieve the pain after a high pain at first. Since the garlic will destroy the inflammation there, it...
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    What is the "Program" written in startup programs?

    It is most likely a waste file of a program you installed and uninstalled on your computer. You can clean it with programs like Ccleaner.
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    Do programs like AMD StoreMI, PrimoCache really work?

    I have checked all of these programs. When I tested with CrystalDiskMark 15gb etc. The data you see is correct. But none of these programs increase the writing or reading speed of your disk. The maximum read and write speeds of your disk are already determined and there is no way to increase it...
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    Can I commercially use Movavi Video Suite sold on Steam?

    Yes, but on one condition. The license here is for home users. When you enter Movavi's own site, you will see that it has a separate sale as Business. If you want to use the programs sold on Steam commercially (ie to make money), you need to link to Movavi's site. Creative Commons licenses...
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    What is QWERTY and AZERTY keyboard?

    AZERTY keyboard emerged in France in the last years of the 19th century as a QWERTY keyboard alternative to typewriters. The most important feature of this keyboard is to use some European letters like ç and é in French effectively. The QWERTY keyboard is the American "Q" keyboard we know, in...
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    OBS, Spout 2 Plugin and Nvidia Broadcast Setup, Green screen application

    Nvidia allows you to apply green screen without the need for green screen. However, as system requirements, you need at least Windows 10 + 8gb and above RAm and an RTX video card. OBS, on the other hand, is a program with image capture, green...
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    2D Getting Started Guide

    If you want to enter the 2D world but do not know which programs are required, this article will be very useful for you. Actually, 2D doesn't need a lot of programs. All you need is a graphic program that will create your character and an animator program where you can animate this character...
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    3D starter guide

    Before starting 3D, if I need to give a brief information about 2D, although it seems to have the same features as 3D, its programs and working style are different. Of course, you can run 2D and 3D at the same time, but you need to put more time and effort for this. Now, I will explain which...
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    What is Unreal Engine? What does it do?

    Unreal Engine is a professional game engine. However, it is not only used as a Game engine. With this program, you can produce very professional and realistic videos, cartoons, movies or picture outputs. Is it paid? If you produce a game, you pay a commission fee of 5% as long as you sell it in...