Do programs like AMD StoreMI, PrimoCache really work?

I have checked all of these programs.
When I tested with CrystalDiskMark 15gb etc. The data you see is correct.

But none of these programs increase the writing or reading speed of your disk.
The maximum read and write speeds of your disk are already determined and there is no way to increase it physically.

So why are these programs so highly valued?
The reason is because they use your SSD disk or RAM as cache.

For example 10gb. When you copy a file, your SSD or RAM also keeps it as a cache.
When you use the same file later, you see 3-5gb speed, the reason is that it is in the cache.

If you have a 2tb disk and you have enough SSD or RAM to cache your 2tb disk, you don't need these programs anyway :)

But the programs I use all the time etc. It is useful if you say there is, these programs allow you to perform fast operations by keeping them in their caches.
But the first operation to be cached takes a normal length.