If the Google adsense PIN code did not come and how to verify the address.


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Although I asked for the Google adsense pin code 3 times, it could not reach my address.
You can do this every 3 weeks.

My 3rd pin code has expired as of March 16.
On March 17, I clicked the button to request my 4th pin code, but it was still giving me a warning that it would take 3 weeks for my previous pin code request.
I asked for my 4th pin code in the afternoon of the same day and it worked without any problems.
I think this problem was caused by the time difference.

After 4-5 hours of asking for my 4th pin code, I ran the Pin Code troubleshooter again towards night.
This time, I saw a link to contact support below and when I clicked it, the manual verification screen was opened.

I immediately received and uploaded my document confirming my address as a pdf, and it was instantly approved a few minutes after I sent it.
Do not upload any extra documents (ID, passport, etc.) to this section.

URL for the Pin troubleshooter;
Personal Identification Number (PIN) - Google AdSense Help

The more interesting part is that I received my pin number by mail one day after manual confirmation. This should have been my first application because I had changed the zip code when asking for the 3rd pin. The first postal code I wrote was visible on the envelope. In short, my first pin code arrived 12 weeks later.
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