Mac computer or Windows computer for 3D work?


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If you want to get into 3D content production, game production, or animation video business but can't decide whether to buy a Mac computer or a Windows compatible computer, this article is for you.


People on both sides of the OS war probably don't realize what the other side has to offer, and some may be wondering this.
Here I tried to explain which one works best rather than which one is better, and it's all about your purpose of using the computer.

The worldwide market share of Mac computers is only about 8% and is quite low.
The reason is that it is preferred by Bosses, Managers or those who love this brand, who use it mostly for luxury consumption.
The materials look more solid and look more stylish in appearance.

But when it comes to heavy 3D work, let's compare what you can do;

This article is just a comparison that I wrote for those who want to get into jobs like 3D.
I tried to explain how much it can actually do your job, not in the sense that Mac computers are bad.
The purpose of the article is not about Mac or Windows hostility.
If you are going to buy a phone, iPhones are at the forefront with their camera features, but if you are going to buy a PC, the situation is completely different.

1- Mac computers are far behind Windows compatible computers in terms of hardware.
Even the newly released Macbook computers are equivalent to the computer I used 2 years ago, and I use a medium computer.
If you intend to do very heavy work, for example Unreal Engine etc. If you are going to use programs, the hardware power of Mac computers will be insufficient for your advanced work. You'll need a more powerful Windows computer, and frankly, it's not cheap.

2- Companies like Oculus, unfortunately, do not produce programs for the Mac, and the reason is that the Mac hardware is limited.
In addition, it would be a great loss not to be able to use the free rendering programs that Nvidia brings with the RTX cards.
Apart from these, you are likely to have a problem with products that are not compatible with Mac.
For example, when purchasing items from the Unreal Marketplace, there are many assets that are not compatible with Mac.

3- Programs that are not compatible with Windows are counted with fingers.
If you're using a Mac, there's a 90% chance you'll come across a program or asset that isn't necessarily compatible or doesn't work, as you'll have to use a lot of programs and assets for 3D.

Worse still, Apple switched to a completely new system and removed bootcamp on its newly released Macbooks. Even most of the mac compatible programs available now are no longer available.

4- Extra equipment; There is a wider range of Windows friendly peripherals to choose from such as HoloLens, VR headsets that work with Windows.

5- For internal components such as CPU, graphics card and storage, Windows gives you much more room to configure a system with the components you want and more flexibility to upgrade later. In addition, Nvidia has many times more powerful graphics cards.

What I want to say about this is that if you are just going to play games or for normal use, Macbook computers are very stylish and useful.

But if you are planning to do 3D studies, definitely choosing a Windows PC will ensure that you do not have problems in the future.