Reboot error after video card change


Staff member
Since there are many people who encounter this type of problem, I have listed below what you can do in order of importance.

1- Your video card may not support UEFI, if that's the case, try changing your boot disk in BIOS settings and putting Windows Boot Manager first.
2- The harddisk may have been moved from its slot, check it, remove it and insert it again.
3- Check if the correct startup disk is selected from the BIOS, if necessary, reset the BIOS to its default settings and reboot.
4- Check the RAMs, remove and reinsert if necessary
5- Remove the BIOS battery and wait 20-30 seconds, try again after waiting
6- Try again by removing all USB devices connected to your device.
7- If there is no problem with the above and DISK looks correct, Windows may be corrupted, try to create a new installation disk with USB and open it.

If you do not get results from any of them, there is a high probability of hardware failure.
a- Try by inserting another disk if possible, or check your disk by inserting it into a friend's computer.
b- If you have another video card, try it or try your video card on another friend's computer.

If you can't get results, you may need to take it to technical service.