What are the features of the licenses, brief information about the most used licenses

Without going into the technical details of the licenses, I would like to briefly talk about the features of the licenses we encounter all the time.

Every digital product you supply has a license. These licenses provide you with certain restrictions and rights.
The common feature of all licenses is that you cannot sell the product itself or show it as your own.
In short, you can distribute and/or sell the products you provide by using them in another product.

CC0 - You can use it in your commercial and non-commercial works, make changes and distribute the products you produce.
CC4- Same as CC0 license. The only difference is that you have to give credit and/or link to the product owner.
RoyalTY Free - You can use these products, which you usually buy for a small or high fee, in your Commercial and Non-Commercial products.
Although there are generally no restrictions on this type of license, sometimes some companies may impose additional restrictions. For example, you buy a program as an individual user, but if you are a large company, they may require you to buy the pro version.
MIT - It is a completely free license. You can use it in your commercial and non-commercial products, or even sell the product itself by changing it.
EULA - Regardless of the above, it provides you with the end user agreement and explains how to use the license.

If there are some restrictions that I gave as an example for the RoyalTY Free license, you can read the details on the EULA pages of the companies.